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Alam Law Associates

Alam Law Associates is a firm registered and regulated in Pakistan with the provinicial Sindh Bar Council as a firm of lawyers.

The firm is based in Karachi, the commercial hub of Pakistan. The firm has associates in all major cities of Pakistan.

The firm practices Admiralty, Shipping & Maritime, Taxation & Corporate Law.

The firm is a dominant force within, admiralty, and maritime legal arena. The firm is especially noted for its experience in P&I settlements, shipping finance, acquisitions and maritime arbitration, custom issues and tariff are also dealt by our firm. Charter disputes and crew claims are typical of the workload handled for its client base.

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Tax Law

Income tax, sales tax, customs and excise duty and other taxation issues. Freight Tax & Vessel Tax.

Shipping & Maritime Law

Arrest or release of ships, Limitation actions, insurance actions, cargo claims, charter party disputes & oil pollution claims

Corporate Law

Firm’s area of expertise includes company incorporation, merger, joint ventures & acquisitions

Customs Law

Customs tariff matters, valuation and classification of goods and quasi – judicial Proceeding.

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